About me: I am originally from a small town outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where I was steeped in Civil War history. I went on a full-tuition scholarship to Mount St. Mary’s University, in Emmitsburg, MD. I majored in Philosophy there and moved on to broaden my liberal arts foundations at St. John’s College in Annapolis (MA, 2007). I then studied continental philosophy at Kent State Philosophy (MA, 2009), where I wrote my Philosophy Master’s Thesis on Aristotle’s Physics, 4.1-5, on the topic of place (topos). At Villanova University (PhD, 2016), I developed as a Heideggerian, then Agambenian, and currently Foucaultian. Over this time, I have published and thought about different spaces and different discourses. This training has allowed be to become a very flexible associate early in my teaching career. I am currently transforming my dissertation, Political Myth: An Archaeology of Magical Language, into articles that develop its individual concepts for better tactical use.

Outside of work, I am an avid photographer of people and cities. You can see much of this work, as well as several photo books I have made at: I am also an avid runner, collector of self-published books, and recently, a gardener. I write and record music from time to time, and I passed the Jeopardy! tryouts in 2019. I currently live in bucolic NC.

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